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What happens in an Angelic Guidance Reading?

We sit together in a peaceful and comfortable space. I connect with my angels and spirit guides and I ask to hold a personal item, usually a piece of jewellery. This is called psychometry and it is a way of connecting with the energy of the client.

I use angel cards as the reading progresses. The client is asked to choose a number of cards and I will interpret the messages for you.

How long is an Angelic Guidance Reading?

The readings are between 45 minutes to an hour. You can expect a typical appointment to last for 45 minutes.

How much is an Angelic Guidance Reading?

You can book a 45 minute or 60 minute reading.

The typical readings up to 45 minutes are $65.00.

For a longer reading of 1 hour, the cost is $80.00.

What days are you available for Readings?

I work one-on-one on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday in Cockatoo, Victoria.

I am also available for Live Video Readings by appointment. Visit THE SHOP to book.

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